Matt Weinlander, MD

Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

Welcome to Personalized Care

My Approach

I use an open-minded and inclusive approach to psychiatry that builds trust, collaboration and a strong alliance with my patients. I use innovative, cutting-edge approaches to treating mental illness including medications, nutritional supplements, bright light therapy and behavioral modification. I always encourage my patients to consider healthy lifestyle interventions including dietary changes and aerobic exercise. In addition to improving my patients' biological well being, I work with them to improve their psychological well-being. I am trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, existential therapy, CBT, IPT, DBT, MI and other forms of psychotherapy, and offer individual and couples' therapy appointments. As I strongly believe sustained personal change comes from psychotherapy, I am happy to assist you in finding the right therapist, whether it's me or someone else.


We are partners in your recovery process. Your view of your illness or struggles and your preferences for treatment are important to me. When patients take responsibility for their part in treatment, great things happen. The more engaged, open, motivated and curious you are, the more likely you are to feel better and enjoy sustained wellness.

Tailored Service

I practice in a way that honors some of the historic ideals of “slow” medicine, where doctors took time and care, and understood the value of a personal relationship. Because I don’t contract with insurers, I’m accountable only to you and to my own high standards, not a third party. I treat fewer patients overall so that I have more time for you. That means I spend more time listening, which leads to better treatment outcomes. I respond to you promptly between visits. When you contact my office, you reach me, not an assistant or phone tree. I have the flexibility to offer longer appointment times, schedule urgent visits within a day or two, and to make house calls when needed.